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The Distance Between Lightning and Thunder

Distance Between Lightning and Thunder

(things we’ve learned about lightning) This yearning space between lightning and thunder decreases with proximity

but particles charged and brightly

illuminated gather intense speed. Air electric with celerity excites our breath. We remember to breathe, immediately liberated, sparks incarnate, energy palpable. There are things we’ve learned about lightning, things scientific that enlighten and explain just how

powerful—billions and billions times stronger than the force of gravity— and fast—61,000 miles per second— lightning is. Super-heated air expands and is an outwardly explosive party of electrons.

This yearning space though, between lightning and thunder, full of charged particles— this lightning channel and reverberating sound of electrical force are, together, one force. They are partners reaching for each other across landscapes and time. Like the yearning space between

lightning and thunder we are apart.

We reach across space and time

toward each other’s open hearts and nothing can stop this, not gravity

not words encouraging caution. We

are drawn together and held there,

an electric and powerful union.

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