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Pop Up Gallery Show in September

My art collection Portraits of Pearl will be on display, and for sale, at the Pop Up Gallery on Second Street in Corvallis, Oregon during the month of September. I'm delighted by that sentence! More information will be coming your way soon. For now, here's the preview:

Portraits of Pearl

This project began as a study of painting styles. With a degree in The Arts from Western Oregon University and a Masters in Teaching from Oregon State University, I am not new to the study of art. However, when I embarked on this journey in 2018, I was unprepared for the delightful and inspiring discoveries I made along the way.

The first painting, Pearl in "Girl With the Pearl Earring" by Vermeer made me laugh and when I showed it to people, they giggled too. I went on to paint a portrait by Van Gogh and Matisse. When I studied Matisse's portrait of his wife, "La Madras Rouge, " I wondered whether I could move next to a portrait by a female artist. This led me to Mary Cassatt and Frida Kahlo. From there, I sought female artists from as many nations as possible and from as many different eras as possible.

In this show, you will see artwork by female artists from pre-Renaissance through Modern history. More diversity is on its way soon. I have begun a new series featuring female artists from the Eastern part of the globe.

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