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Fragrant Knot

I am my own 4-sided hall with windows all around.

Passing nearby you are sure to see

what is happening inside, although you may not

understand everything you see.

I am my own painted boat in misty rain, floating

with my own small boat load of friends,

letting everyone on at once, but keeping

just a few afloat at one time.

I am my own 10,000 ravines engulfed in misty clouds;

rarely do you see all of me at once. Like the

Chinese landscape artist, I am always revealing

parts of myself, never the whole.

I am my own Garden of Awakening Orchids,

which just now happen to be in fragrant bloom.

If you lean in close enough and feel so inclined,

you can listen to my fragrance.

I am my own fragrant knot, twisted and bent

through the years, growing more permanent

and beautiful; the awakening orchid and one

of the 10,000 flowers that dares to blossom in the snow.

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