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A Day With Friends

The ocean was there,

with the sun sinking slowly behind it.

The wind swept through the air

changing the landscape every second.

But we were alone there;

alone with a hundred people around us,

and they were alone too.

We waded in our own ocean,

watching our own sunset;

our own wind blowing our hair.

It was paradise.

We lay down in our sand

and laughed at ourselves until we cried.

They didn't notice us laughing

because they were on their sand

watching their sun go to sleep.

We watched the paper dragons

in the sky, dip and twirl.

We felt our sun on our faces and laughed.

THIS was it.

This was the feeling we wanted to keep forever.

So we left our beach with that feeling,

not knowing anyone else had been there at all.

(written in 1989 after a trip to the beach with my high school friends)

#oregoncoast #friends #bestdayever

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