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About Portraits of Pearl: 

This project began as a study of painting styles. With degrees in both art and teaching, I am not new to the study of art. However, when I embarked on this journey, I was underprepared for the delightful and inspiring discoveries I made along the way. 


The first painting of Pearl in Vermeer's "Girl With the Pearl Earring," made me laugh and everyone I showed it to giggled too. I went on to paint portraits by Van Gogh and Matisse (two of my favorites). When I studied Matisse's portrait of his wife, "La Madras Rouge," I wondered whether I could move next to a portrait by a female artist. This led me to Mary Cassatt and Frida Kahlo. From then on I sought female artists from as many nations as possible, and from as many different eras as possible.

Pearl in Marie Charpentier.jpg
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