About Jaqui Lyn Eicher

I strive to cultivate simplicity; to get to the heart of the matter. In portrait and landscape painting, this has come to mean the eyes of the subject being painted and the light and darkness visible in the scene.


One of my goals is to make art accessible to everyone and there is something for YOU in this shop (including many of the paintings shown here). 


My Latest Projects


Long ago I created assemblages I called, "Angels of Unnecessary Sorrow" in which the viewer could place personal sorrows (in an effort to be unburdened by them). Lately I've been contemplating this theme because these sorrows or worries tend to collect again and again. This new series of paintings grow from a Rudolf Steiner verse: "I am brave, I am strong, I am valiant and bold/ for the sun fills my heart with its life-giving gold. . . my heart's inner sunshine burns brightly in me. . . I will warm all the world with my heart's inner light."

I am currently practicing bravery and courage and the art of allowing my heart's inner sunshine to burn brightly in an effort to warm all the world.

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After teaching for nearly 20 years, I have a lot of stories to tell through writing and painting. I've learned about how people of all ages communicate. For these reasons alone, I will never run out of artistic material, and when my creative, visual mind continues to view the world around me, I gain new material daily.